The artist of the Royal Art Space, Kimi Yeh, used to be a fashion designer. Since her childhood she enjoyed drawing, later she found her passion for art and determined her life to be an artist. She likes traveling around the world, searching for inspiration, and have new ideas. She once lived in Italy, Spain, Nordic countries, the United States, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan. Her artworks are as wonderful as her life diary.

Over the years, she has continued to gain experience and found a way to define herself. With many years of experience, her heart and inspiration drove her to create beautiful oil paintings. She is passionate about her art career and makes time stand still. Whenever she talks about art, she always has a natural sense of sincerity.

Kimi Yeh is a freelance creator. She was born with a sensitive observation and an artistic eye that pushing her to break boundaries. She can see through the women and their lives with a true and unpretentious feeling.

She mainly works in oil painting, sculpture, acrylic, charcoal sketching, and mix media. Each of her artworks expresses estheticism, reflects her own life and rich spectrum of emotions. The themes are dedicated to loving, passion, women, human body and self-portrait.

Kimi Yeh is an autobiography type artist. She said, “I am most lucky for knowing my best friend – oil painting, so I can go into ‘a conversation with myself’”. “No matter how much you give in, they always pay off on the canvas.”

Her impressionism styled oil paintings present vast space for imagination. Her courage in creations expresses her rich life experience through her boldness in creation produces a vibrant personal style. When observing her artworks, one can feel her passion and her delicate thought.

Each of Kimi’s oil painting creation is an impression of the dreamy oil painting style, with some imagination space and rich emotional color full of Western aestheticism. Paintings portray her life, her rich life experience. The straightforward form of Kimi’s creations, with its colorful personal characteristics, gives a feeling of her enthusiasm and delicate thoughts from the moment of watching the works.

Everything in life can inspire Kimi Yeh to create. Through her delicate mind, these things can be transformed into her painting. At this moment, abstract art is her main focus. A tint of feminine beauty and humor are hidden under her wild and bold brushstrokes. By depicting a certain scenario, she makes the artwork come to life. It is as if we could taste the ocean and feel the embrace of the sea breeze in the time and space she created.

Kimi Yeh is the soul character of the Royal Art Space; a woman with a great passion for life and fine art.

The origin of Royal Art Space dates back to 2006 when it was first opened as a Royal Art Gallery in Taipei, Taiwan. From the very beginning, Kimi has given all her efforts into running this gallery. Besides showcasing her personal artwork, she discovered many young artists, providing them a space to create freely.