A better future

Hello, my dear friends!

This week I’d like to talk to you about the things we all sometimes get affected by, if we let these things unsolved.

It’s another new year. This means that I have to accomplish something unresolved in order to build another relationship, or let the current relationship develop.

The unfinished things are old things.

It may happen years later, or it happened yesterday or last week.

I didn’t solve it in a satisfactory way, and I usually didn’t notice it.

Later, I saw it aside and left things aside, pretending that nothing had happened.

The problem is that I cannot move forward.

The unfinished business distracted my attention and energy in a way I didn’t notice.

It can impede the present life in an invisible way.

It was as if the microphone was lowered but not hung up, and the next call could not be reached.

If I don’t finish things properly, it will prevent me from starting over on other things.

It’s as if I dumped the garbage in the kitchen and walked around pretending it wasn’t there.

The longer I piled it, the better I was at pretending that the garbage was gone, but the smell was getting worse.

However, the more I piled up, the less room there was for movement in the kitchen.

In the end, everything was unknowingly polluted.

Unfinished things will hurt my emotional life.

What else can I do? What words should I listen to but avoid talking?

What old hate, pain, desire, dreams are in my heart, should I take them out and solve them?

In this relationship, is there anything I can’t see and avoid, but it really matters?

Face it, I will benefit from this courage.

What we talk about here also includes the unfinished things left by the previous relationship.

If it stays, it will hinder my current relationship or prevent me from finding new relationships.

Who should I apologize to? Who am I still mad at? Who else do I love or hate? What else have I not really mourned or let go?

It’s time to fix it.

I don’t necessarily have to involve the parties in order to get things done.

I can do it alone.

For example, write down everything I want to say, and then burn all to ashes.

Do this again and again until I feel it is over.

What I have to do is what I have to do, what I have to face, and face, only then can I regain my freedom.

Anyway, no matter how hard the things seems to be, I have to finish them all in order to have a better future.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!