Christmas gift

Hello my dear friends!

Today I’d like to tell you a Christmas story.

Whenever the Christmas season comes, everyone is optimistic. At this moment something beneficial is coming into our life.

Maybe someone will give me a gift or let me feel happiness, excitement and contentment. Maybe I will get a sum of money, win something or something will be cheaper than I expected.

No matter how big or small, I remember being grateful, because through gratitude, I would open the door to more gifts.

Maybe the gift I get is not as obvious as the packaged gift. I may be treated with kindness and considerate behavior, which makes my heart jump and enrich my life.

I will always remember that when others not afraid of troubling themselves by helping me, they give their energy and goodwill as gifts. I don’t take it for granted.

This is the real currency of the world. When action and love materialize, matter conveys and symbolizes this energy.

If you are struggling at the moment, you may find it hard to find a gift in your life, but if you keep believing you’ll find it not far away.

Sometimes the gifts I get are lessons from experience.

What benefits will everything I experience bring me? What lessons can be learned?

What gift will I win by accepting the challenge?

How will it lead me on a different path than previously expected?

 If I never expected or even desired, why should I be relieved from it?

I should remember events from the past. I will look at it with gratitude after understanding, so why not enjoy it now.

There are better things waiting for me, all this just to make sure I will get them. I believe that there is power guiding me.

But I must be willing to get involved in the process. If I continue, I will get what I want.

I know the gift is there, and the day of celebration will finally come. How wonderful and anticipating this sense of anticipation.

Thus, every gift is precious. No matter if it’s big or small, if it’s a materialized one or just an experience I get, people’s support, encouragement, their positive emotions or help.

Be always grateful for what you get and you’ll see how enriched your life becomes.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!