Focussing on growth

Hello, my dear friends!

This week I’d like to talk to you about focussing on growth.

Reality is created by myself, and destiny is guided by myself.

What I focus on has a huge impact on the development of my own life, because the focus is composed of energy and expectations, and these are the tools that I use to shape my destiny.

If life is what I want, then I use my heart for the right thing and ideal.

As long as I continue to do this, my life will continue to develop in this way, glowing. Feel uplifted and inspired.

If I want more, I focus on my energy and to achieve the results I desire, and see it continue to grow and develop in my life.

If I don’t know how to realize my dreams and how to attract desired events or experiences to my life, then I know how to focus on my ideals.

I will use the imaginary photo to make a picture that best represents what I want, and stare at it every day.

Draw it, write it, talk about it, but don’t worry about it.

Because if I concentrate on worrying, I will worry about more things.

I will review the recent developments.

Do things develop as I wish? Should I go in the opposite direction? I must know that the reason that is present in front of me at this moment is that I used to focus on it.

Only by understanding this principle can I have the power to exclude it or create better works of art.

If things go wrong, I will stop and review, how much energy I spend on it to produce this result.

I will remember that the universe does not operate negatively.

But I have to distinguish myself because my focus will become bigger and bigger.

Start now and watch what I want to grow strong.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!