Hello, my dear friends!

This week I’d like to share with you about my willpower.

I often spend too much time searching for irrelevant answers and add trouble to my life.

Take more time to care about your surroundings and focus your energy on meaningful things, you will find that life is so cute!

If you want to change, you have to be motivated to solve the problem, not just hope. After waiting for some time, the problem will be solved.

Time has never been a solution to a problem. If no change is required, there is no action needed. No matter how long the problem is, the problem will still exist, and it will still have no solution.

In a difficult environment, you must also maintain strong willpower and cannot be defeated by the environment! No one is born with a strong willpower, it is the result of being nurtured.

I must first overcome my fearful heart with faith, and give myself courage. Even if I fall, I can come back again, and have the spirit not to be afraid of failure anymore.

In this way, I can start to cultivate my willpower.

Willpower is an ability to control one’s self.

I am a strong-willed person who has the ability to spur self-improvement and the ability to urge me to sprint forward. I can also create opportunities for myself in a harsh environment, and have the ability to face and solve problems in frustration, overcoming difficulties.

I didn’t want to get hurt repeatedly, so I thought of how to avoid being hurt again, instead of standing still and being pity on myself, and finally hurt again, I started to blame myself.

If every scar can be regarded as a kind of growth, I will no longer be injured. Those scars are the experience I have learned through time. Although it is painful in the moment, it always makes me wake up and think twice next time.

I believe that “the charm of a woman should be the scent that emanates from the inside out. The quality is matched with the wisdom that has been brewed through years of baptism, and naturally shows a unique charm.

Woman, please tell yourself: “I admit that I am not pursuing beauty to please men or to defeat other women, but to please myself and make myself more confident!”

You, me and him, can be nostalgic, but cannot sink.

An occasionally rising mood is low and you can’t let it last for too long.

Otherwise, it will only be an excuse to indulge myself again and again. Although there are inevitably low ebbs, I will show a fragile side in front of people. This is human nature and it is not bad.

However, as time and years go by, you have to learn to become stronger and stronger, and to be more intelligent to handle things and your emotions.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!