My Prayer

Hello, my dear friends!

This week I’d like to share with you the frustration in my life.

When I face loss and change, I allow myself to be sad, even if loss and change are not big.

I’m tolerant to myself. This process makes me feel exhausted and depleted, feel complete loss of energy and lose my balance.

I pay attention to how I go through the stages and try feel what I want to feel.

I try to talk to other people, those who can be trusted, who can give me support, conform, understand my needs.

I speak out, tell the whole story. Moreover, I personally thank God for losses, no matter how I feel or think.

Every morning I will ask God to give me the right thoughts, words or actions. Ask to give me inspiration and guidance.

I will also ask God to help solve the problem. I believe He will help, and I know He will. But He wants me to do my best and think hard. Sometimes life goes well.

Another thing that helps many people is the prayer of serenity.

I don’t have to behave badly because of the loss, but I have to go through it. This is a process that everyone must go through.

I understand, this process can make me more supportive and give me strength. When I go through it myself, I can decide what to do to take good care of myself.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!