Hello, my dear friends!

Life is long and wonderful.

Life is probably only known by the talanted people, all of them are lofty, great, complicated, and changeable.

The living conditions of artists and scholars are not good, I don’t really like to get more money to improve my life. However I don’t cut back on rigorous work attitudes because of the thirst for money.

The wonderful thing is that I never gave up hope, I hope to live a simple and clear life.

Art can be just two characters, and no one can understand it at a certain level. Maybe thinking it is ordinary.

I have contradictory ideas, the life I really thought about: sometimes I want to live a rich, colorful life. Colorful life like a palette.

Sometimes I want to have another one: transparent, pure, no color, and sometimes even like a bubble.

This is a kind of fantasy I have.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!