The power of praise!

Hello, my dear friends!

You, me, him, can’t make everyone happy with you, but you can become a person who can please yourself and satisfy yourself, as long as you have confidence.

When I was a child, I was a very inferior and very self-confident person.

After an unhappy time, one day I suddenly opened up.

I cultivate confidence! I have to get rid of the mentality of self-discipline, too much, no matter how others think, but how they feel! How to be yourself!

I must first look at myself from the love that is born at the bottom of my heart, and I will like myself to gain confidence.

Like it, just say it out loud, whether it is a person or a thing.

Good people, things, and things create a beautiful environment. If you want to make your environment better, start with yourself.

If praise is a kind of good, I believe it will also attract more beauty for us.

Try to replace criticism, counting and ridicule with affirmation, encouragement and praise.

People need to be affirmed and encouraged. If I can be confident and harder because of your encouragement, I am willing to say more.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!