Small talk

Hello, my dear friends!

This week,I want to share with you my mood.

I built a wall inside my heart, and once the external force comes, I can have a Satisfaction .

Anything that has been subjected to great disposal or pain in the past must learn to accept and hope to have a chance to meet a new life.

But when I look back, if there is no such forced situation at the time, Then how can I become more mature? 

The pain in life is not necessarily related to feelings. It may be some unpleasant memories, interpersonal relationships that will affect the life,  Or it may be related to the growing environment like school, work, and career.

Always face forward and that is how I can understand more.

I started like this, my journey, when I lived in different countries, different cities, When I walked down different streets I lived in  countries, different cities, , restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

It is also the source of my painting creation. I painted at those places where I went. I picked up my brush and started my masterpiece (this is my philosophy of life)


Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!