Hello, my dear friends!

When I saw people, things and things, emotional ups and downs and environmental changes around me made me understand better. I know that I am lucky to be blessed because many joys are entering my life.

If you are experiencing hardships, feeling pain, sadness, sorrow, fear or fear, then I turn it to the way I paint my paintings and express to myself that this is coming to an end.

The stage of laughter and happiness is coming soon.

My emotions are that the sun rises every day, and after the darkness is light. After pain and sorrow, there is always a chance of joy and laughter to maintain the balance of life.

Both pain and joy are necessary to make sure that I don’t replace any of them.

Don’t think of injury, anger, sadness, sadness, and joy is good.
It is best not to judge, let the emotions come and go.

If I don’t feel anger, sorrow, and fear, then I will not have the joy of creating a different style of painting.

They are two sides of one body, perceiving joy or creating opportunities for joy.

It will be filled with my surroundings, don’t turn around or take it away, big or small.
You can find joy in things, and it is important to open yourself.

Let it enter my heart, Listen to the joy of the child’s laughter and I will be the acceptance of joy.

The interesting thing about the accident is the person who loves me and the people in it, as well as me in abstract painting.

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!