My Eye

Hello, my dear friends!

I have often watched the stories of the heart of other people through my own eyes.

The general people are able to identify beauty and ugliness and distinguish between brightness, darkness, and colors through the eyes.

But in fact, I have discovered that not only can my eyes allow me to see the good, the bad and colors, they Sometimes actually able to reveal the secrets of my inner self through the eye expression or charm!

This is just like when a person is telling a lie, the swing emptiness within his or her eyes would show a kind of distraction feeling.

Therefore, the eyes are an amazing expression organ that would often disclose the secrets of the heart (Like sad feeling, touching, love, mood sadness, and sense of the life) Hence, I have especially created a series of works for the sake of the eyes, hoping to record the secrets discovered by my eyes through my painting creations!

Thank you for spending your precious time reading my posts!